International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting (IAAC)


International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting (IAAC) is one of the leading Russian higher educational establishments preparing appraisers, managers, lawyers. The academy has been tracing its history since 1994, when one of the first of the specialized higher educational establishments training specialists in the field of appraisal in the Russian history of education was established. This was the Academy for Appraisal of Realty, Entities (Business), Machines and Equipment, Intellectual Property and Investment Projects.

The development of higher educational establishment, traditions forming here, formation of own scientific, creative, intellectual potential and entry to the international market of educational services preconditioned its higher status; in 1999 the Academy was transformed into International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting.

The modern Academy is the only higher educational establishment in Russia that has been the member of FIABCI, International Real Estate Federation, since 1996. In 2002 the Academy was awarded with a medal and a diploma of E. Dashkova for its achievements in educational activity since 1999.

Currently the Academy conducts educational activity according to the license of the Russian Ministry of Education, certificate of state accreditation that confirms the high level of implemented educational programs, the quality of training of graduates according to:

- requirements of state educational standards;

- a right to issue documents under state requirements to the graduates.

IAAC today

The Academy is a scientific and educational complex, one of the leading educational and scientific centers of Russia in the field of appraisal and consulting, management, accounting, analysis and audit of activity, anti-crisis management, law and linguistics.


The process for rapprochement and harmonization of the Russian system of education and educational systems of European countries in order to create the united European space of higher education set a task for transfer to the model of higher education providing bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees for the Academy. This was successfully implemented and today the students are taught under bachelor’s programs and master’s programs; this means that the diploma of our Academy will be demanded in all European countries.

The process of development and perfection of training under shortened programs for the graduates of special secondary education structures and at receipt of second higher education, post-graduate studies, additional professional education under various programs of re-training and further training of specialists is developing in the Academy;

Orienting to the modern values, the Academy forms curriculums that consider the requirements of domestic and foreign economic and financial science, achievements in the field of management, consulting servicing, law, pedagogics and strictly comply with state educational standards. The newest educational technologies and technical means of training are widely used during training.

Highly qualified specialists having considerable experience of practical and pedagogic activity in the field of appraisal, management, law and pedagogy teach in the Academy.

Over 80 per cent of teachers have academic degrees and academic titles. Many teachers of the Academy were trained and underwent training in the well-known domestic and foreign companies. We engage not only teachers that work in the staff, but professors and teachers from the best Russian higher educational establishments.


International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting provides an opportunity for everyone to receive modern high-quality education in the field of widely demanded professions: appraiser, corporate manager, financial manager, anti-crisis manager, banking specialist, specialist in the field of innovations, accounting, analysis and audit, travel and hotel business, specialist in the field of securities and other professions.

The Academy trains over 500 students annually; every year hundreds of specialists upgrade their qualification there.

Higher education

Programs of first higher education

Bachelor’s program



Appraisal of property


Financial management



Hotel and travel business

Arrangement of entrepreneurial activity

Innovative management

Format of programs:

Duration of training: 4 years (full-time course), 5 years (extramural course)

Form of training – full-time, internal and extra-mural, extra-mural.

The graduate of IAAC bachelor’s programs is provided with a diploma under state form with qualification as Economist or Manager.


Master’s program

Students can be admitted to the master’s program of IAAC for the full-time, internal and extra-mural, and extra-mural forms of training:


Master’s program named Finances has the next specializations: Appraisal Activity and Pricing, Financial Management, Accounting, Analysis and Audit, Banks and Banking Activity.


 Master’s programs include: Innovative Management, Hotel and Travel Business, Arrangement of Entrepreneurial Activity, Financial Management, Quality Management.

Format of programs:

Duration of training is 2 years with completed bachelor’s course.

The students have:

Training auditoriums with high level of technical equipment, computer classes with Internet access, electronic library.

Second higher education

Persons who completed higher professional education received in the accredited higher educational establishments of the Russian Federation or abroad are admitted to the Academy for gaining of second higher education if their diplomas comply with requirements of the Russian standards.

Training programs under second higher education provide full-time (3 years) or extra-mural (3.5 years) forms of training, including holiday groups.

Training in shorter terms under individual training plan is also possible.

Post-Graduate Studies  

Since 2001 post-graduate studies have been available in the International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting according to the program for training of scientific and pedagogic staff in the system of post-graduate professional training. The speciality is:

v 08.00.05 – Economics and management of national economy

Additional Professional Training 

International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting provides an opportunity to gain a new profession, as well as to improve the level of professional qualification for anyone who strives for career and personal growth.

Educational programs offered by the Academy in the field of appraising activity and anti-crisis management are agreed with the authorized bodies controlling appraisal activity and anti-crisis management of companies in the Russian Federation – Federal Agency for Management of Federal Property and Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Financial Rehabilitation and Bankruptcy.


Broadness of scientific interests and high professionalism, large experience of scientific and pedagogic activity, as well as knowledge of modern methods of scientific researches, constant search of the most optimal ways for solution of modern problems allow management of the Academy to increase high scientific and pedagogic potential of the establishment, ensure continuity and succession of educational process, conduct high-quality preparation of economists and managers of the highest level. The major characteristics of IAAC high scientific potential are:

• work of well-known scientists whose scientific works precondition the level of economy and finances development in Russia, in the Academy. They include professors well-known in the scientific community: Y.I. Chyorny, N.A. Zaitseva, V.I. Onoprienko, N.A. Lebedev and others.

• availability of scientific schools. Due to active work aimed at development of post-graduate studies and master’s program, expansion of opportunities for implementation of scientific activities, publication of scientific works, IAAC has scientific schools on a number of research directions in the field of economy and finances. The most well-known scientific schools are:

- economics and management of national economy (headed by professor Nikita Andreevich Lebedev, Doctor of Economics);

- Finances, monetary circulation and credit (headed by professor Yury Ilyich Chyorny, Doctor of Economics);

- World economy (headed by professor Vladimir Ivanovich Onoprienko, Doctor of Economics).

Fundamental and applied researches are conducted in IAAC, as well as various scientific developments. By the results of the recent five years fundamental researches that are usually related with development of original theoretical concepts in the various fields of science, form about 15% of the total number of conducted works (by number of topics).

Applied researches mainly based on use of theoretical provisions for solution of certain research tasks concerning educational process, as well as represented by researches conducted under the order of non-affiliated organizations, have about 60% of topics originated in the last five years. Some of these researches were conducted under the order of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, Russian Society of Appraisers, etc.

Creative teams of the Academy participated in execution of various scientific works, including those ordered by the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and other bodies of state power.

As for other directions of research and development works, one must distinguish the development of Concept for perfection of training, methodical, research and development activity of IAAC up to 2010 and the Concept for development of IAAC for the period up to 2012.

International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting has gained a reputation of scientific center that is able to keep its own scientific researches on a wide range of issues and appraise scientific results of activity conducted by other institutions and organizations. Scientific expert examinations and reviews of federal and regional bills, departmental and inter-departmental regulatory legal acts, program documents, Ph.D. and Master’s theses, manuscripts of scientific works, etc. are held in the Academy every year.

In addition to this, the scientists of the International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting expand scientific connections, participating in international scientific events; cooperate within international educational and scientific projects and programs. Thus, the Academy implements joint scientific projects with educational establishments of Kalschenbroich (Germany), etc.

Various scientific and practical conferences, seminars, round tables are held in the IAAC on a regular basis. The held scientific forums are distinguished by a high level of participants and professional discussion of scientific and practical issues in the field of education, economy and law. In recent five years 19 conferences, seminars and round tables were held in the Academy.

Student science has been developing actively. The Academy uses various organizational forms for research and development training of students: student scientific coteries, target-purpose creative groups conducting researches jointly with teachers of various chambers; participation in international projects, programs and scientific conferences, delivery of scientific reports and messages; presentation of materials of research and development material for competitions of difference levels (internal in the higher educational establishment, regional, all-Russia, etc.). Every year the students of the Academy participate in competitions of student scientific papers, held by various departments and organizations.

International Academy of Appraisal and Consulting is the founder and the publisher of a monthly magazine called “Property Relations in the Russian Federation”. The magazine has been published since 2001 and overviews methodical, practical, legal aspects concerning governing of property relations and management of state and municipal property. Since 2008 the magazine has been included into the List of the leading reviewed scientific magazines and editions that must publish the main scientific results of Ph.D. theses and Master’s theses.

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